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Ken Hubbell - The Art of Change: A Handbook for Leading Effective Social Change

Facilitating Change that Leads to Social Impact

Ken Hubbell and Associates provides consulting services and strategic planning for nonprofits,communities, state agencies, private foundations, nonprofit organizations, and coalitions. We help clients generate new services, programs, products, and ideas. By guiding groups through a creative, collaborative process, we help them increase their levels of well-being, and resilience—the ability to self-renew through self-discovery and innovation.

Since Ken Hubbell and Associates was established in 1992, we have grown from a regionally-focused firm into an international consultancy built on a network of associates. Ken Hubbell has decades of experience working in community, leadership and economic development; visual and graphic facilitation; strategic communications; strategic planning for non-profits and businesses; community history; and cultural preservation.

A New Field Guide To Community Coaching

Our firm specializes in:

  • strategic planning
  • coaching
  • strategic communications
  • graphic facilitation
  • scenario planning

Ken Hubbell and Associates has established imaginative visual methods such as graphic facilitation to conventional organizational change work. Our approach consistently stimulates group participation, convergence, big-picture thinking, transformation, and commitment to action.

We use a reinforcing cycle of exploration, learning, design, and action in a creative environment to help groups shape successful change strategies. We take pride in developing unique, timely, and result based products that reflect the visions and desires of our clients.

We help clients:

  • See the future and shape it
  • Create a roadmap to get there
  • Frame a powerful and clear message
  • Identify leverage points for social impact
  • Improve collaboration that leads to concerted action
  • Initiate effective action that increases opportunities for those often vulnerable

Our clients have included the PBS Broadcasting Network, Bush, Walton Family, W.K.Kellogg Foundation,, and Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, The Colorado Trust, MDC, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Goodwill North Central Wisconsin, Marquis-Consonsus healthcare and rehabilitation companies, The Foundation for the Mid South and The University of Namibia. Click here for a complete client list.

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The Art of Change What's Love Got to Do With Philanthropy?

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